Today the U.S. Congress is expected to vote on 和 approve a federal COVID-19 救济法案 that will include some 的 language from the Craft Beverage Modernization 和 Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA). The year-end federal funding package is yet to be released, but legislative text that will make existing federal 消费税 rates for small 和 独立啤酒厂 permanent is expected.


“  啤酒协会  表达 our gratitude to the 116th Congress, especially our legislative champions in the House 和 Senate—Reps. Ron Kind (D-WI) and Mike Kelly (R-PA), 里奇·尼尔(D-MA)主席, and Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Roy Blunt (R-MO), and Rob Portman (R-OH)—and our allies in Congress on both sides 的 aisle for 包含 the Craft Beverage Modernization 和 Tax Reform Act in this must-pass legislation,” said Bob Pease, president 和 CEO of the 酿酒协会(Brewers Association)领导了扩大当前联邦消费税税率的斗争。


“For the past several decades, America’s craft brewing industry has been growing tremendously 和 adding thousands of jobs across the country. Like other small businesses, many small breweries, brewpubs 和 taprooms have been devastated by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pease said. “This legislation 和 programs like the Paycheck Protection Program are vital lifelines to help small brewers weather this unprecedented health 和 economic challenge. We strongly believe that America’s small-brewing industry can return to its incredible growth 和 vitality, but we need to get through these immediate challenges. This bipartisan legislation will help our members do so, 和 we deeply appreciate Congress recognizing this.”


在其成员的协助下 美国的每个国会区,啤酒协会都已成为华盛顿特区酒精饮料行业最强大的倡导者。 In this Congress, for example, bipartisan legislation to make the federal 消费税 rates permanent is supported by 77 members 的 Senate 和 351 members 的 House.  


自2009年以来,酿酒商协会一直游说对消费税进行重新调整,因此CBMTRA一直是关键问题。国会领导人通过加入CBMTRA语言,承认降低的消费税税率对独特的经济增长和发展轨迹产生了深远的影响。美国企业家的成功故事,认识到允许低利率到期将对全国8300家小型啤酒厂,啤酒馆和自来水室极为不利。在3月COVID在美国首次爆发之前,精酿啤酒厂仅在啤酒厂就雇用了160,000多名工人,包括相关行业角色,总影响为580,000个工作岗位。 2019年,精酿啤酒的经济影响超过820亿美元,2018年和2019年,精酿啤酒创造了超过25,000个工作岗位。


“对于美国的小型独立酿酒厂来说,这是急需的好消息,就像许多食品和饮料行业一样,大流行也给他们带来了沉重打击。我们需要做的最后一件事是使税收增加一倍。该法案的通过有助于确保我们可以继续投资于员工和发展业务,” said Dan Kleban, 缅因州啤酒公司老板 Freeport, ME. “我要感谢我们的立法冠军, including Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Angus King (I-ME) 曾经是我们无所畏惧的拥护者, recognizing that we are an instrumental part of America’s manufacturing industry. Their work in fighting for this relief will better position us to ramp up production 和 open up taps once the pandemic subsides.”


“With CBMTRA finally being made permanent, we will now at least have certainty on our tax liability 和 better plan around capital investments. These tax savings go a long way for small breweries like ours, especially during these unprecedented times,” said Julie Verratti, chief brand officer 和 founder, Denizens Brewing Company, Silver Spring 和 Riverdale Park, MD. 


Introduced by 感官 Ron Wyden (D-OR) 和 罗伊·布朗特 (R-MO)  和 by Reps. Ron Kind (D-WI) 和 迈克·凯利 (R-PA), Congress overwhelmingly supported the lower FET rates, with more than half of Congress co-sponsoring the Craft Beverage Modernization 和 Tax Reform Act (S. 362/H.R. 1175), 包含 77 Senate 和 351 House co-sponsors (as of  Dec. 15, 2020).   


Read Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member 罗恩·怀登's statement 这里


CBMTRA的通过代表了一个集体 精酿啤酒厂每年可节省8000万美元。 




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